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The algorithm of the patient's treatment

  1. Send a request to our organization by e-mail mgb3@mail.ru in Russian or English, attaching scanned copies of available documents (extracts, epicrisis, examination results, etc.).
  2. Get our prior consent by e-mail for examination / treatment and the approximate cost of the package of services.
  3. In an e-mail reply, confirm your intention to come for examination / treatment. If necessary, get online advice from our specialists in Russian or English using Skype, where you can ask additional questions. At this stage, a personal manager (administrator) is assigned to the patient, who will be in constant contact with the patient to resolve all issues that arise during a future visit. If necessary, the manager will also be ready to advise the patient on the logistics of the visit (travel to the place of medical care, accommodation and meals).
  4. Receive from us the necessary documents for registration of entry into the country (including visa support, if necessary) in order to receive medical care. Apply for an entry visa at the Russian consular office in the country of residence (for citizens of countries with which a visa regime is established).
  5. Inform the personal manager of the date and details of arrival. The next steps are determined by the personal manager.

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